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Volunteer Form Volunteer Opportunities:

There are so many ways to volunteer in corrections. You can chair a meeting on a regular basis, go as a onetime speaker, or provide background support to the committee.

Contact Form Pre-Release / Temporary Contact:

Getting out of Jail/Prison can be daunting and overwhelming. Volunteer to be a contact for a prisoner to help get them adjusted to A. A. outside of incarceration.

Correspondence Form Corrections Correscpondence:

Even with A. A. going into institutions, meetings are not as frequent as a prisoner may want. This is a A. A. "pen-pal" program where volunteers are matched with prisoners in a distant geographic locations and gives them the opportunity to talk recovery through the mail.

Pink Can Form Pink Can:

The pink can collects spare change into a fund that is used to provide prisoners with much needed literature. You may see these cans at your homegroup. If not, you can download the form here and tape it around an empty coffee can. The form needs to be printed on pink 8x14 paper. If that is not available, email to request a one via snail mail.

Paper Coins Paper Coin Program:

A celebrating prisoner can't receive metal coins, so a paper coin system has been created.

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Our Responsibility Pledge declares:

"I am responsible, when anyone, anywhere reaches out for help. I want the hand of A. A. always to be there. And for that: I am responsible."

In Love and Service: You Area 44 Corrections Committee.