Website Committee

Who We Are:

The "Official" website for A.A. in Northern New Jersey is found at The site has been created, is administered and is maintained as a joint effort by Intergroup of Northern New Jersey and NNJGS Area 44. These efforts are directed through the joint Website Committee. The Website Committee meets under the direction of the Area Committee, Area Assemblies, Intergroup Trustees and Intergroup Delegates.

What We Do:

The Website Committee oversees the site by:

  • Developing Website Guidelines
  • Defining and contributing content
  • Providing technical direction
  • Acting as liaison for other committees' website needs
  • The website is administered by a Webmaster chosen every two years from among committee members.

Why We Do It:

  • To carry the message to the still sick and suffering alcoholic
  • To keep the members of the fellowship informed about the fellowship's activities in Area 44
  • To provide members of the fellowship with meeting information and keep them up to date on Intergroup activities
  • Provide Service Committees with an internet presence for their participants and those they serve

What We Don't Do:

  • Provide a general recovery resource
  • Include A.A. meeting information outside of Northern NJ
  • Provide a substitute for an A.A. meeting
  • Substitute a web presence for existing A.A. resources