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Softcover Literature Pre-Order Form

Qty Description Code Price Total
This Is AA P-1 0.15
FAQ P-2 0.25
Is AA for You? P-3 0.1
Young People & AA P-4 0.3
AA for the Woman P-5 0.3
Three Talks to Medical Societies P-6 0.45
Twelve Concepts Illustrated P-8 0.45
Memo to an Inmate P-9 0.2
How It Works P-10 0.15
AA Member/Medications & Other Drugs P-11 0.25
Jack Alexander Article P-12 0.25
Do You Think You're Different? P-13 0.3
Questions & Answers on Sponsorship P-15 0.15
The AA Group P-16 0.3
AA Tradition: How it Developed P-17 0.3
Inside AA P-18 0.08
GSR ... the Most Important Job in AA P-19 0.08
Message to Corrections Fac. Admin. P-20 0.15
AA for the Native American P-21 0.4
AA for the Older Alcoholic P-22 0.4
AA for the Health Care Professional P-23 0.25
Newcomer Asks P-24 0.1
Members of the Clergy Ask About AA P-25 0.25
AA In Correctional Facilities P-26 0.3
AA in Treatment Facilities P-27 0.3
Twelve Traditions Flyer P-28 0.15
How AA Members Cooperate P-29 0.45
Is There An Alcoholic In Your Life? P-30 0.25
AA In Your Community P-31 0.15
AA & Gay/Lesbian Alcoholic P-32 0.4
It Sure Beats Sitting In A Cell P-33 0.25
Let's Be Friendly/Friends P-34 0.15
Problems Other Than Alcohol P-35 0.15
Is AA for Me? P-36 0.25
Too Young? P-37 0.25
What Happened To Joe P-38 0.25
It Happened To Alice P-39 0.25
Speaking At Non-AA Meetings P-40 0.3
Members' Eye View P-41 0.25
Brief Guide to Alcoholics Anonymous P-42 0.15
The Twelve Traditions Illustrated P-43 0.45
AA's Legacy of Service P-44 0.25
Circles of Love & Service P-45 0.08
If You Are A Professional P-46 0.25
Understanding Anonymity P-47 0.25
AA Membership Survey P-48 0.15
Bridging the Gap P-49 0.25
AA and the Armed Services P-50 0.45
AA for the Black & African American P-51 0.4
The AA Grapevine - Our Meeting in Print P-52 0.25
Co-Founders of AA P-53 0.3
Is There an Alcoholic in the Workplace? P-54 0.08
Twelve Steps Illustrated P-55 0.3
This Is AA (large print) P-56 0.25
FAQ / 44 Questions (large print) P-57 0.35
AA for the Alcoholic with Special Needs P-83 0.4
Many Paths to Spirituality P-84 0.3
AA at a Glance F-1 -
Information on AA F-2 -
Self Support - Money & Spirituality Mix F-3 -
Where Do I Go From Here? F-4 -
Carrying the Message Correctional Fac. F-5 -
Your General Service Office F-6 -
Problems Other Than Alcohol F-8 -
Message to Teenagers F-9 -
The DCM F-12 -
Primary Purpose Cards F-17 -
Self Support Packet F-19 -
Service Material List F-33 -
Self Support Card F-42 -
A.A. Group Treasurer F-96 -
GSO Contribution Envelopes FR-2 -
Birthday Contribution Envelopes FR-5 -
Softcover Literature Total

Hardcover Literature Pre-Order Form

Qty Description Code Price Total
A.A. Comes of Age B-03 9.5
As Bill Sees It B-05 9
As Bill Sees It (Soft Cover) B-18 8.6
As Bill Sees It (Large Print Edition) B-27 9.5
Big Book (Hardcover) B-01 9.5
Big Book (Large-print) B-16 10.3
Big Book (Portable softcover) B-30 9.1
Big Book (Abridged, pocket version) B-35 5
Big Book Lg Print Abridged B-24 6
Big Book 75th Anniversary B-0 12
Came to Believe B-06 5
Came to Believe (Large Print Edition) B-26 5.25
Daily Reflections B-12 10.25
Daily Reflections (Large Print) B-19 10.75
Dr. Bob & The Good Oldtimers B-08 10.5
Experience, Strength and Hope B-20 5.5
Inmate to Inmate B-13 2.5
Living Sober B-07 5
Living Sober (Large Print Edition) B-25 5.25
Pass It On B-09 11
Twelve and Twelve (Hardcover) B-02 8.9
Twelve and Twelve (Soft cover) B-15 8.25
Twelve and Twelve (Pocket edition) B-17 6.5
Twelve and Twelve (Large Print) B-14 8.25
Twelve and Twelve (Gift Edition) B-04 8.25
Big Book on CD (Abridged) M-81A 18
12 Steps and 12 Traditions on CD M-83 18
A.A. Comes of Age on CD M-84 10
Living Sober on CD M-85 10
Service Manual/Concepts BM-31 3.55
Service Manual (Large Print) BM-33 8.3
Beginners Meetings Guide M-01 2.75
Preamble/Steps/Traditions Cards/100 M-02 0.12
Display Rack M-08 20
12 & 12 Traditions Window Shades M-19 48
Responsibility Cards/100 M-21 7
Anonymity Cards/100 M-22 12
Meeting Sign M-30 7
Twelve and Twelve Table Top Display M-33 20
Group Handbook M-36 11
International A.A. Directory MD-1 1.8
Canadian A.A. Directory MD-2 3.6
Western U.S. A.A. Directory MD-3 3.6
Eastern U.S. A.A. Directory MD-4 3.6
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Hardcover Literature Total
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