Why Should I Be a Grapevine Representative?

Why should an AA member take on the job of GvR? Service in AA is a time-honored way to maintain and enhance sobriety, and in that light, being a GvR is just one of many avenues available to AAs. But some of us think that representing the Grapevine offers a number of special advantages.

  1. The GvR performs a service for AA members - bringing them the international monthly journal of Alcoholics Anonymous.
  2. The GvR performs a service for the Grapevine, linking the magazine to members of the Fellowship who might not otherwise read it or even be aware of it.
  3. The GvR is engaged in practical hands-on work. The GvR's basic job is to work at the group level, getting information about the Grapevine to members, promoting each issue, and encouraging subscriptions.
  4. The GvR is engaged in active Twelfth Step work. The Grapevine's readable style, up-to-date stories, and pocket size are particularly useful to beginners in AA.
  5. The GvR becomes more aware of AA history. The magazine has been an important part of AA since the Fellowship was only nine years old, so learning about the magazine is a good way to learn about AA history as well.
  6. The GvR gets a chance to be involved in wider circles of service. In many areas, GvRs meet with district Grapevine representatives and area chairpersons to swap ideas, problems, and solutions. GvRs often attend regional forums and area assemblies.
  7. The GvR is encouraged to read the magazine every month - an advantage all by itself! The Grapevine is a mix of inspiration, personal stories, history, humor, diverse opinions, reporting, and good solid AA tools, all rolled into one resource. For over fifty years it has helped thousands of AAs stay sober, carry the message, and keep connected to AA principles and practices.

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