Area 44 Films Committee


The purpose of the films committee is to bring a group together for a fun-filled day or night enjoying a good AA flick! If your group is thinking about having a movie day/night, the Films committee will coordinate a date and time with you to come out and show a movie of your choice (from the approved Films list). We will bring the projector, and set it up. The group will not have to provide anything but a space.


The Films Committee should consist of at least six members, including the Films Chairperson, Alternate Films Chairperson, and four members representing the North, South, East, and West quadrants of the Area.


The Committee holds regular meetings and provides reports to the Area Comittee. The Films Committee should be represented at the Intergroup Bookers’ meetings to book films. The Committee is part of the G.S.R. Workshops, Area 44 Convention, and District functions as requested.

Hers is a list of Films available for presentation

  1. My name is Bill W- the newest one
  2. Bill discusses the 12 Traditions
  3. Carrying the message behind these walls
  4. Markings on the journey
  5. Your AA GSO, The Grapevine and The General Service structure
  6. 2009 Hope
  7. 2009 Young people’s
  8. Father Martin Films

  9. Chalk Talk
  10. Going home
  11. Gratitude
  12. Prayer, The path to God’s will
  13. Promises of AA
  14. Recovery and Family
  15. Getting back to basics
  16. Relapse