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The CFC supports and helps facilitate the efforts of individual A A Members and or Groups who are dedicated to carrying the A A message of recovery to Alcoholics who are in jails, prisons and juvenile centers.

We strive to achieve this goal in several ways:
  • Regularly chairing meetings inside these institutions
  • Volunteering to speak at a facility
  • Corrections Correspondence by writing to a prisoner
  • Prerelease Program which matches an AA volunteer on the outside with a recently released prisoner to initially introduce them to local A A groups and sponsor
  • A "Pink Can" for financial contributions to purchase literature for prisoners.

Each of these forms of service helps us to better attain our primary purpose, which is to carry our message of recovery to the alcoholic who still suffers inside a correctional facility.


Can I volunteer if I've never been arrested?

Yes, it is not necessary for you to have been previously incarcerated in order for you to be effective as a volunteer. Prisoners are more interested in how you have achieved and continue to maintain your sobriety, than if you were in jail before.

Can I volunteer if I have been arrested previously?

It strictly depends on the facility you are volunteering in. Each facility has its own rules regarding previous arrests. The committee will help you verify your eligibility for the specific facility in question.

Will my anonymity be protected?

In order to attain security clearance into a facility, you will need to provide your full name. Your interaction with prisoners will only be limited to your first name, thus maintaining your anonymity.

How frequent is the commitment?

It could be as infrequent as an annual speaking engagement, and as often as bringing a weekly meeting, or anything in between. It is strictly up to the volunteer to choose which schedule works best for them.

Our Responsibility Pledge declares:

"I am responsible, when anyone, anywhere reaches out for help. I want the hand of A. A. always to be there. And for that: I am responsible."

In Love and Service: You Area 44 Corrections Committee.