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New Jersey's Historic Landmarks 

New Jersey’s First AA Meeting
South Orange Meetings, June 1939
First Public AA Meeting in NJ

New Jersey AA Pioneers and Friends of Bill W.

  • Herb D. (South Orange)
  • Douglas D. (Plainfield)
  • Harry B. (Montclair)
  • Gordon M. (East Orange)
  • Paul K. (Roselle)
  • Wallace V.A. (Jersey City)

Northern New Jersey AA History

The Early History of Alcoholics Anonymous in Northern New Jersey

Home of the Big Book

A Celebration of the Book Alcoholics Anonymous

Bill's Story (Pictorial)

Bill's Story the Original Version

New Jersey Alcoholics Anonymous Groups

The First 10 Years (1939 - 1949)
The Second 10 Years (1950 - 1959)