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For help finding a meeting in your local area, call (800) 245-1377 or (908) 687-8566

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Contact the Intergroup Office if you will be visiting New Jersey and need a local Meeting List, need to update AA Group Information or if you need other personalized assistance.

Phone Number: (908) 687-8566

Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 10:00AM - 6:00PM

Office Address: Intergroup 2400 Morris Avenue, Suite 106 Union, NJ 07083-5706

Many committees meet at the Area 44 Office and it is the mailing address for all General Service Officers and Committees.

Office Address:
NNJGS Area 44 2325 Plainfield Avenue, Suite 2J South Plainfield, NJ 07080

View Our Calendar for a list of over 300 service meetings held there each year.

Northern New Jersey A.A. E-Mail Addresses

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General Service Area 44 Officers

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Standing Committees

Cooperation with the Professional Community Committee:
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Correctional Facilities Committee:
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Grapevine Committee:
Literature Committee:
History & Archives Committee:
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Public Information Committee:
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Treatment Committee:
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Area 44 Special Committees and Special Subcommittees

Bridging the Gap Committee:
Computer Committee:
Convention Committee:
D.C.M. Workshop Committee:
Films Committee:
Finance Committee:
G.S.R. Workshop Committee:
Luncheon Committee:
International Hospitality Committee:
Mailing Committee:
Newsletter Committee:
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Office Coordinator:
Policy & Admissions Committee:
Remote Communities Committee:
Translation Committee:
Website Committee:
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