Northern New Jersey Intergroup, Inc.
2400 Morris Avenue, Suite 106
Union, NJ 07083-5706
800-245-1377 or 908-687-8566
Fax: 908-964-8146

Northern New Jersey Intergroup (IG) accepts donations from Groups or Individuals. This is the primary source of income allowing IG to carry on its work. Our bylaws as well as the A.A. Traditions allow us to accept donations only from individuals who are A.A. members. All others must be respectfully declined. You may make a donation by sending a check to the Intergroup Office at the address above or through PayPal using a credit card or existing PayPal Account.

Northern New Jersey Intergroup, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization and as such indivdual contributions are Federal Tax Deductible.

Group Contributions can only be acknowledged if the Group name and location are provided. A GSO or Intergroup Group Number is also helpful.

Individual Acknowledgements require name and address, even if they are to be listed as Anonymous. PayPal does not pass on individual credit card information to Intergroup.

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 Online donations are now accepted!