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Day Time Type
Friday 11:59 PM Open Discussion(Midnight)

Cook College Extension Conference Center
College Farm Road
New Brunswick , NJ

(Daily Reflections)
Today Is A New Day

County: Middlesex    Area: 44   District: 22   Section: 5   


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Cook College Extension Conference Center College Farm Road New Brunswick , NJ, 08899 United States

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Driving Directions:

New Brunswick Cook College driving directions

From Route 1 South, New Brunswick: After passing Sears and the Ryders Lane turnoff, you will see a large Cook College sign on the right, near a pasture with cows. The turnoff there is for College Farm Rd. Make a right. On your right, you will see the Rutgers Museum of Agriculture. Directly across the street, is the driveway for the Extension Conference Center where the meetings are held. The building is the large conference building with the overhang just ahead after you turn into the driveway.
From Route 1 North, you can take the College Farm Rd. turnoff, go under the bridge and make a left at the stop sign. Then follow directions above.

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