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Cooperation with the Professional Community
Meetings are at the Area Office 3rd Tuesday of the Month

Printable Professional Referral Form (.pdf) Online Professional Referral Form

Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC) is A.A.'s official contact with members of the Professional Community. You only need to be sober and have a desire to serve.

What We Do:

A.A.'s Committee for the Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC) provides information about A.A. to members of the community whose profession may bring them in regular contact with anyone who may suffer from the disease of alcoholism.

In practice, the message we carry is simply an extension of the 12 step approach, carry the A.A. message to the alcoholic who still suffers, by informing the person in a position of trust of what A.A. is, what A.A. does and what A.A. does not do.

Why We Do It:

Many professionals have not had the opportunity to find out how the A.A. program works. There are a great many misconceptions about A.A. in the professional community.

Unless we work with these professionals many practicing alcoholics may never find us.

The C.P.C. committee is prepared to meet with any professional groups or individuals that would like more information about A.A. for use in their contact with the suffering alcoholic.

How We Do It:

Our methods will employ:
  • Letters
  • Direct Calls
  • Panels
  • Presentations
A partial list of publications suggested for Professionals:
  • Three Talks to Medical Societies by Bill W.
  • A.A. As a Resource For The Health Care Professional
  • Members of the Clergy Ask About A.A.
  • If You Are A Professional
  • Problems Other Than Alcohol
  • Understanding Anonymity
  • A.A. In Your Community
  • A.A. At A Glance
  • This is A.A.
  • A.A. and the Employee Assistance Programs
  • A Message to Correctional Facility Administrators
  • A.A. In Treatment Facilities
  • A.A. In Correctional Facilities
  • How A.A. Members Cooperate
  • A.A. Membership Survey
Professionals can include:
  • Physicians
  • Clergy
  • Educators
  • Attorneys
  • Social Workers
  • Medical Professionals
  • Psychologists
  • Alcohol and Drug Counselors
  • Business Professionals

What We Need:

A few good people who would like to experience the excitement and fulfillment of carrying the message.


How Can You Help?

There are many ways to get involved even if you do not wish to call on professionals face-to-face. The behind the scenes work that makes everything possible is just as rewarding and just as necessary if we are to carry the message.

This type of service work does not require much time. Due to its nature, very often it can be done at your convenience.

Volunteer Form - Print Out and Mail

Volunteer Form - Instant Online Version

C.P.C. Guidelines (PDF File)

For more information e-mail:

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